Frequently Asked Questions

Does this project include digitization of historic records?

No, the Community Webs project is focused solely on archiving web based content (websites, online news, blogs, social media etc.).

My library is located outside of the US. Would we qualify for Community Webs?

The community webs program is only open to institutions in the United States and U.S. territories. If you are an international institution that is interested in Community Webs, please email us

We are a museum/school/historical library, would we qualify?

To qualify for the Community Webs program, a library must provide free and open access to their patrons meaning no fees or membership are required to access the library. If this sounds like you please consider applying! If not, consider getting in touch with us about an Archive-It trial. We offer different pricing levels based on the amount of data archived annually and work with institutions to find a solution that fits both their budget and web archiving needs.

What are the technical requirements for participation?

Participating libraries will need access to an internet enabled computer to be able to log into the online course space, view the training materials, and access their Archive-It accounts. Archive-It is web based application and requires only a computer with internet access to use. Web archive data is stored and hosted by the Internet Archive and does not require any additional or external hardware or software.

How much staff time do you estimate this program taking?

Initial setup and training will require 4-6 hours per week for the first few weeks. After that we estimate an average of 2 hours per week in staff time for the duration of this project.

Will the library be solely responsible for identifying community partners and possible digital collections of interest or will Internet Archive also be identifying these resources?

The library will be responsible for identifying community partners and developing the collecting strategies of the project. We will include training and peer support on both aspects of the program in our sessions.

What happens after the program ends, does the data go away?

The Internet Archive will continue to host the data in perpetuity. The collections an organization creates will remain freely accessible on, unless the collecting organization requests otherwise.